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  yoi Great Lakes Region  
  The AAKF Great Lakes Region is a non-profit corporation registered in Indiana. Please see our Contact page to get in touch with us. The current regional representative on the AAKF Board of Directors is Vassil Peytchev.

We would like to thank Sensei Milevsky, JKA Indiana, for serving as a Regional Director in the past 7 years.
Current officers:
AAKF Great Lakes Regional Director: Vassil Peytchev (Wisconsin)
AAKF Great Lakes General Secretary: Claus-Peter Richter (Illinois)
AAKF Great Lakes Treasurer: Daniel Ladror (Illinois)
The following committees are part of the Region:
Technical Committee
Tournament Committee
The following dojos are members of the AAKF Great Lakes Region:

Shotokan Karate Association Wisconsin (WI-J-0005) — Milwaukee, Wisconsin
AAKF Board of Governors representative: T.P. Ravichandran (414) 940-3924

UW-Madison Japanese Karate Club (WI-J-0003) — Madison, Wisconsin
AAKF Board of Governors representative: Vassil Peytchev (608) 301-5164

River Falls Traditional Shotokan Karate Club (WI-J-0004) — River Falls, Wisconsin
AAKF Board of Governors representative: Ronald Neuhaus (715) 425-9872

Non-AAKF Affiliated Collegiate Clubs Supporting AAKF Events:

Northwestern University Karate ClubClaus- Peter Richter (312) 503-1603

Nippon Karate-Do Club, Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, Indiana - Prof. Marcus Rogers (765) 494-4545